A healthy mouth is the most important step in feeling good about your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is using modern dentistry to compliment good oral health. Attaining a beautiful smile can also contribute to overall health by helping the person feel good about their smile. Dr. Miller will help you get involved in the process of determining the unique plan that is right for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  1. Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile in general?
  2. Are your teeth noticeably stained, yellow, or otherwise discolored?
  3. When you smile can you see uneven, crooked, crowded, or missing teeth?
  4. Do your teeth look too small for your face?
  5. Do you have spaces between your teeth?
  6. Are the edges of your upper teeth worn flat?
  7. When you smile, does gum recession make your teeth look too long?
  8. When you smile, does it seem like you show too much gum tissue?
  9. Are you embarrassed to smile when you have your picture taken?
  10. Do you have a habit of covering your mouth with your hand when you laugh because you are embarrassed about the appearance of your smile?

Top 10 Questions to ask yourself when considering Cosmetic Dentistry.