Carlie's Story

Carlie had braces when she was younger. Her orthodontist got her teeth lined up and in the right places, however her teeth looked too small for her mouth. Consequently, after having braces, Carlie ended up with unsightly spaces between all the teeth.

After carefully listening to her concerns and completing a thorough evaluation, Dr. Miller and Carlie developed a low-cost treatment plan.

Dr. Miller simply added some tooth-colored composite filling material to her teeth to fill in the unattractive spaces.

Carlie is so pleased that she now has the smile she wanted after having braces. The natural tooth-colored material still looks great, even today after several years.

Shelly's Story

When Shelly came to see Dr. Miller, she didn’t like how her upper teeth looked due to an old bridge she had never liked. Shelly’s gums had receded, revealing a dark tooth root and some metal from her old bridge. She was also missing an upper front tooth that made it appear like there was an oversized tooth where normally should be a narrow tooth.

Shelly didn’t really want to go through traditional metal braces and have dental surgery for an implant. After considering her options, Shelly and Dr. Miller co-developed her treatment plan that replaced the old bridge that she never liked. The new bridge re shaped her teeth so that in place of her missing tooth, is a narrower tooth which is much more natural looking.

Shelly is much happier with the new bridge that Dr. Miller created because it fits and looks great!

Paul's Story

Paul is a general contractor in our community who has a good eye for detail and appreciates fine work. Paul also has been a patient of Dr. Miller’s practice since 1994.

Paul became very concerned about the appearance of his front teeth. They had begun to wear down from repeated clenching and grinding.

Upon completing a thorough evaluation and listening to his concerns, Dr. Miller and Paul co-developed his plan of treatment. First, Dr. Miller balanced Paul’s bite by polishing down some high spots on his back teeth that were causing excess pressure and wear on his front teeth.

Once his bite was aligned and functioning properly, Paul noticed that he could chew comfortably on both sides of his mouth for the first time in years! Dr. Miller then restored Paul’s severely worn front teeth with beautiful natural looking porcelain crowns.

Karen came to Dr. Miller concerned about her front teeth. She also had broken a back tooth and didn’t want to lose any more teeth. Karen didn’t want to end up with dentures.

Karen’s front teeth didn’t look good and she had a problem with them shifting. She was also a heavy tooth grinder and had worn a bite splint to protect her teeth for many years. Her previous dentist had connected her top front teeth together to keep them from shifting.

Karen and Dr. Miller worked out a plan restoring the upper front teeth with porcelain crowns and making a porcelain bridge to replace the missing back tooth. Gradually restoring the severely weakened and broken down back teeth over time at a pace that was comfortable for Karen. Finally, making a new, more effective bite splint to protect the teeth from night-time grinding.

Now Karen is happy with her smile and her bite feels comfortable. Her mouth has been stable for years and she has learned that her front teeth don’t need to be connected together to keep them from shifting.

Karen's Story

Mary's Story

Mary was first referred to our office by her physician for TMD treatment. She was experiencing pain in her jaw and limited range of motion which made it difficult for her to eat.
While meeting with Mary we were able to find out that Mary’s jaw pain was due to the bite of her old dentures. After getting her jaw comfortable and pain-free we were able to make Mary a new upper denture and lower implant denture.

Mary is truly happy with the feel and look of her new smile.

Henry's Story

Henry remembers the trauma to his front teeth, when he was hit in the mouth by a softball, as a child. However, he wasn’t aware of the gradual and more destructive wear that had happened over time.

After a thorough evaluation and considering his options, Henry and Dr. Miller co-developed a treatment plan.

First, Dr. Miller made a bite guard to prevent further damage to Henry’s front teeth from his clenching and grinding when sleeping. Next, minor adjustments were made to Henry’s back teeth surfaces, to balance his bite and make his jaw comfortable in a stable position.

With the alignment and function of his teeth corrected, Henry’s next priority was to enhance the appearance of his front teeth using natural looking porcelain crowns on his two front teeth to improve how they looked and as protection from further wear.

Lindsey's Story

Lindsey wanted to upgrade her look for her wedding and contacted Dr Miller for a consultation.  At a very young age her teeth began wearing down from grinding and acid erosion. Dr. Miller was able to balance her bite to prevent further wear and restore the front teeth to their original youthful beauty with porcelain veneers. Lindsey couldn't stop smiling on her wedding day and is very happy with the results.